Yearly Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant ControlFire ants are a notorious problem here in Georgia— and it’s extremely inconvenient when they decide that your lawn is their habitat of choice!

Fire ant mounds are unattractive lawn accessories, and having to constantly attempt to get rid of them or avoid stepping on them can frustrate even the most tolerant of homeowners. They can also migrate closer and closer to your home, which can eventually lead to an indoor infestation.

Did you know that it’s not a fire ant’s bite that’s so painful? These ants actually only bite in order to latch securely to their victims— afterwards they inject a venomous sting from their abdomens. In worst case scenarios, fire ant stings aren’t just irritating, but can cause serious allergic reactions or secondary infections. This is especially a risk for any small children and pets who frequent the yard and don’t notice when a mound is close by.

In order to prevent fire ants from taking over your lawn, measures must be taken. Home remedies may not work, and expensive sprays can be toxic and detrimental to your lawn. Unlimited Landscaping offers a safe, effective fire ant treatment that is 100% guaranteed to help rid you of these pests.

How our service works:

  • Unlimited Landscaping’s Fire Ant program consists of 1 application per year.
  • This single application control fire ants by controlling existing colonies and preventing new infestations.
  • This is a granular application that is applied over your entire property.
  • Unlimited Landscaping guarantees this ONE application will control Fire Ants for one year. If you should find a Fire Ant mound within that year, we will come back out and retreat the yard at no additional cost to you.


With a satisfaction guarantee, let Unlimited Landscaping make the difference for you.