What is Included in a Lawn Care Service Quote?

No one should be comfortable settling to terms and conditions that they do not fully understand. This includes receiving a list of fees that are not fully explained. To better understand the costs of lawn care services, it is good to know how landscapers, themselves, come up with these figures. Many calculate their lawn care service quotes by using a formula that they call the E.L.M.O.S.C.P. This stands for the most prominent facets of operating costs for any service: Equipment, Labor, Materials, Overhead, Subcontractor, Contingency, Profit.


E.L.M.O.S.C.P and Lawn Care Company Atlanta GA


Lawn care companies in Atlanta may not always have all the parts they need for your job, especially if it entails very specific work. Some equipment has to be rented, and many tools don’t last forever; after all, landscapers use their tools much more often than we do. The best lawn care company does more than one lawn at a time, many times over; the wear and tear on their equipment is drastically more significant.


With lawn care service prices, we do not expect the work to be done by only one person. A landscaper will more than likely have a crew of workers – who must also be paid for their work. This is where the costs of labor come in. It is calculated as man-hours per X number of men. If a job will take a long time and require extra help, then labor costs will be steeper.


These fees are separate from equipment, as they include materials that are consumed for your job. Items such as: pots, plants, soil, nutrient feed, fertilizer, and anything else that is shopped for. The tax and delivery fees are added to this area of cost.


This is something that is compensated in a vast majority of services, and it is essential to the survival of any business. Overhead is the sum of costs of operations such as fuel, insurance payments, vehicles etc. This will also be compensation for the landscaper’s own pay. In all fairness, the labor for others and a job’s costs usually dominate a big chunk of any lawn service quote you are given.


Depending on the size of your job, a subcontractor may become necessary. When a subcontractor is involved, this area of fees are added. Usually if a job proves too extensive to be practical for one crew, your landscaper will sometimes delegate some of your contractor to an independent business. After that, they may add between 10 and 15 percent of what they are charged to generate profit.


This is a variable area that is eligible for refund if the job goes exceptionally well. Contingency is the sum of the costs for damages to equipment, or replacement materials. It is basically an area of fees aimed at loss prevention and the mutual reassurance of a job well done.


Plainly, this is what the landscaper wants to make off the job, it is usually some percentage of the proceeding costs.

In Atlanta, landscapers usually require 25-50% of their total lawn care service quote to be payed up front, and then the rest as the job progresses, or after. The reason it is spread out like this is, first and foremost, assurance that you are capable of paying for the job at all, and secondly because certain parts of the E.L.M.O.S.C.P. come up throughout various stages of work.
Now that you have an understanding of what kind of expenses go into hiring a lawn care service company, you can confidently accept your lawn care service quote and beautify your turf!