Understanding Weeds in Your Lawn or Garden

What are weeds?

Despite what many may think, weeds are not a specific species or type of plant. The term “weed” refers to undesirable or unattractive plantlife that is found in lawns and outdoor spaces that are tended to by people. For example, many people consider a dandelion a weed, because they pop up just about everywhere and can disturb the image of a consistently green lawn. Dandelions on your lawn can also make it look unkempt or messy.

How can weeds like dandelions be beneficial?

Some people go to great lengths to remove dandelions from their lawns and even call in a professional lawn care company for help. Despite this, dandelions are edible plants and are used in drinks and salads around the world. Likewise, dandelions can work as a source of nutrients for plants sharing the same gardening space, and break up hard soil.

Dandelions are not considered weeds in certain settings, because some people specifically aim to cultivate them!

Other weeds are beneficial to surrounding plantlife as well— for example, clovers and milkweed can also provide nutrients or help to break up soil so that neighboring plants can thrive. Many weeds, although they may be seen as unattractive, have no adverse effects on gardens or lawns.

What are the negative effect of weeds?

As mentioned above, weeds can be very unsightly to behold on an otherwise uniform and well-groomed lawn. For aesthetic reasons alone, many people opt for some form of weed control.

Many types of plants considered weeds also produce a huge amount of seeds, meaning that letting a few fully develop and disperse their seeds on your turf will eventually lead to an army of weeds growing across your grass.

In this way, weeds can overpower plantlife in your outdoor space; they can end up draining the moisture and nutrients in the soil, hindering the growth and health of other existing plants.

What can be done about unwanted weeds?

One basic method of weed removal is by pulling up the plants in question by hand. While this is effective for a few types of weeds, some have actually developed a resistance to pulling, and you may encounter two obstacles:

  • The weed breaks off at a point where the root is still intact, meaning the weed will just grow right back.
  • The root system is tangled and complex, making it almost impossible to pull the weed without pulling up grass and nearby plants and disturbing the soil.

When a homeowner encounters these obstacles, it is best to call a lawn care company and ask about professional weed control methods. In many cases, lawn maintenance companies offer environmentally friendly and technologically advanced products that will kill weeds and prevent them from coming back.


The first step to weed control is basic knowledge of what weeds really are, and how they can help or hinder your garden or lawn. When in doubt, call the experts at Unlimited Landscaping and have professional lawn care technicians do the work for you!

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