Tips on Effective Lawn Care

Everybody loves a beautiful lawn. A perfectly manicured lawn can give your house a real face lift. But how do you go about making your lawn as beautiful as the ones you see on TV? Well, it’s pretty simple, and you can do it all by yourself without the need for professional help. Here are a few tips on simple, effective lawn care.

The right time to place the seeds

If you have just moved into your home, then you must be anxious to seed the lawn in order to make the grass grow nice and thick. But don’t be so quick to do so. Winter, rather than spring, is the perfect time for seeding. At this time, the grass on the lawn is slowly becoming dormant. This allows room for the new grass to grow in peace.

The right kind of fertilizer

Not all types of fertilizers are suitable for your lawn. You can ask the store where you buy fertilizer to provide information on the correct time and amount of use. Make sure you use only the best quality fertilizer that preserves the delicate balance of plant life. Otherwise the health of your lawn will be completely ruined.

Correct placement

The placement of flower beds is crucial to the overall health of the lawn. The basic rule of lawn care is to go for simplicity. Don’t plant too many different plants because they might be suitable for each other. Instead pick a few well-chosen flowering plants, preferably those that are native to the region, and they will quickly thrive.

Controlling the water

Controlling the amount of water ensures a healthy proliferation of grass. Be careful that you don’t water your lawn too much because it can suffocate the plants. Watering your lawn once a week should be sufficient to keep the grass healthy and growing. Watch out for rainfall as well because it might reduce you need for watering.

Providing aeration

Too much thatch can suffocate the plants. It prevents adequate amounts of water and nutrients from reaching the roots. So, de-thatch your lawn about once a year. This will also reduce the growth of weeds and prevent diseases.

Concerns about mowing

Many people have a tendency to mow the grass too short so that they won’t have to mow again for a while. But this actually promotes growth of weeds and insects. Effective lawn care requires occasional mowing that leaves a healthy length of grass on your lawn.