Now Is the Perfect Time to Treat Your Yard for Weeds

A well-maintained, clean and green lawn is a dream come true for every home owner. But then, the pesky weeds creep into the picture, often making it difficult to maintain the garden or lawn as beautifully as you would want to. Thanks to chemical solutions, getting rid of these weeds has become easier. However, not all of them can be killed with chemicals, while some develop immunity and fight back their way into your garden. For long-term relief, it is important to choose the right weed treatment for your garden. Here is a note on some of the best options you have today.

There are many types of weed killers available in the market, but not all may be suitable for weed treatment in your garden. The first kind is the contact killer, which is sprayed on the plant and works through contact with the plant’s leaves. This type acts fast, almost as soon as you apply it. Also, it is immune to rain or other forces just after 10 minutes, and in just a few days, the weed is all gone.

The other type is the systematic weed killer, which works from inside out, starting from the leaves. This type is slower than the contact version, and plants take up to a few hours to absorb them completely. Also, their effect is wiped out if it rains within 6 hours of application. However, systematic solutions are more effective and you can get total control of weeds in your plant in around 3 to 4 weeks.

Another one is the residual killer, which is used to clear the patches and prevent seed germination after the weed has been removed. The last type, the selective lawn weed killer, is more effective as it specifically targets broad leaved weeds and not the grass around it. The selective type actually enhances the growth of the weed to such an extent that it cannot sustain it and eventually dies. They also take around 4-6 weeks to completely remove weeds from your lawn.

Hand weeding and digging out

If there are just one or two weeds here and there, on your lawn, then hand weeding can be a simple and inexpensive weed treatment. For this, hold the weed from close to the ground and pull it out completely, including its roots. But when there are too many, it is best to spend money on a weed killer rather than break your back doing it by hand.
Digging them out using a fork or a small shovel can also be great if you have just one or two in the lawn. But for more, this can be a painful process as each and every bit of the plant should be taken out meticulously, to prevent it from growing back.