Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Most homeowners have landscaping dreams— often including visions of a yard that is both comfortable and beautiful. It is a common misconception that, in order to have an aesthetically-pleasing and functional outdoor living area, you first need a large space to work with. In truth, a quality professional landscaping design is the result of using available space wisely and enhancing aspects of an existing yard to give it a fresh and charming look. This means that even the smallest of yards has an incredible amount of potential to become a lavish work of art.

Work with What You’ve Got

One way to go about making a smaller space transform into a well put-together landscape is considering using your yard’s size to its advantage. Whereas larger yards can take quite a lot of filling-in to achieve a more private appearance, a cozy or secluded look can come naturally to many size-restricted areas. Adding a high fence, a perimeter of brightly-colored trees and shrubs, or even a hedge can play into the coziness that comes with a small yard, leaving you with a landscape that feels like its own little world. If you decide to go with plants or a hedge, make sure to break up the pattern with a variety of different shrubs so you don’t unintentionally close yourself off in a box. A small table and chairs can become a charming and functional focal point that can give the space a purpose and draw the eye’s attention towards a specific area.

Using Optical Illusions to Your Advantage

When it comes to the success of small landscaping designs, the secret lies in the ability to make a cramped space look much larger. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to achieve this illusion. First and foremost, make the space interesting. Bringing in lots of bright colors and unique attributes will give the eye something to look at, and will in turn distract from the lack of space. When it comes to utilizing focal points, it’s all about location. For example, placing a sitting area, small gazebo, or other major attraction in the back or corner of the yard is an effective technique for using an illusion to your advantage; when a person encounters a space designed in this way, the eye is drawn further back into the yard, giving the person a sense of distance that might not actually be there. Another way to create space visually instead of physically is by using clean lines and angles in your landscaping design. Adding large, square tiles as a walking path and keeping even, well-maintained grass is a great way to literally start building this illusion from the ground up. Likewise, choosing shrubs that can be trimmed into geometric shapes or straight lines can maintain the illusion of a larger and more clear space by making it look neat and organized.

Acquiring the Landscape You’ve Been Dreaming About

When it comes to making your landscaping dreams a reality, it’s not only a matter of utilizing space and choosing the right enhancements— it’s a matter of time and effort, and it takes serious dedication. Although some projects can be completed in a do-it-yourself manner, others are much more complex and require professional designers that can ensure that every inch of space you have is used to its highest potential. If you are looking to make a big difference in your small space, Atlanta lawn care professionals can provide landscaping makeovers that will prove that even the most compact spaces have the potential to become gorgeous living and entertaining areas.