Tree and Shrub Treatments

How our service works:

  • Unlimited Landscaping’s Tree and Shrub care program consists of 7 applications timed properly throughout the year to control disease and insects, which will keep your landscape looking healthy.
  • Unlimited Landscaping also includes balanced deep-root fertilization in the Winter. This promotes lush foliage. We also apply dormant oil in the winter months to help protect against insects.
  • Our professionally trained staff treats each plant or tree individually with the right products to help that plant or tree flourish. We will also take into consideration the surrounding landscape to that plant/tree and make sure it is protected from damage.
  • Unlimited Landscaping provides continuous services for our programs in order to make your landscape an inviting outdoor living area. There are no contracts to sign to begin this service. However, we will continue the service year to year. If a problem comes up between visits or you are not happy with the service, just give us a call and we will make it right!
Tree and Shrub Treatments


Early Spring Preventative
This application coats the plants and smothers over wintering insects and their eggs. Specific ornamental trees and shrubs are treated with Horticultural Oil and insecticide.

ROUND 2 – 5

Mid-Spring, late Spring, Mid-Summer and late Summer Insect and Disease Controls
Using the integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines, we treat targeted trees and shrubs for specific insects and diseases. These treatments are designed to minimize damage caused by the insects and diseases.


Early Winter Preventative
This is a second application of Horticultural Oil and insecticide designed to smother insects and their eggs before they enter the winter season.


Fall Deep Root Fertilizer
Our fall fertlilizer involves injecting a slow release fertilizer into the root zones of your ornamental trees and shrubs. This is done in the fall to help the plants recover from summer stress. The nutrients injected into the ground release slowly to the plants throughout the next growing season.
Tree and Shrub Treatments Atlanta