Preparing Your Lawn and Garden for Springtime

Spring is coming up fast in Georgia, and it is getting to that point to start preparing your lawn and garden for the time of colorful flowers, thick grass, and warmer days to enjoy outside. Of course, after a long and cold winter it is no surprise that your flower beds, pine straw islands, and grass need a bit of a manicure to get them ready for the picturesque look you want. Working at the right time will yield better plant growth and a fantastic look for your neighbors to admire. That is why it is crucial to begin working as soon as possible. This article will provide you with a few tips to get ready for the springtime weather.

  1. Winter Pruning
    With the word “winter” in the title, it makes sense that if you have not done any pruning for your bushes, crape myrtles, and plants then you might already have a task overdue. Cutting back the limbs on your crape myrtles, pruning the low hanging branches and smaller stems on your decorative trees, shaping your bushes, and cutting back liriope plants and flowers are necessary for healthy growth in the months to come. This will yield strong branches, as well as flowering bushes and plants with the dead parts pruned away.
  2. Rake the Leaves and Shovel the Mulch
    Over the winter months, it is easy to become a little apathetic about cleaning up the leaves that have fallen in the yard. That is why it is your last chance to get these leaves up in time to start mulching or laying pine straw down. Leaves are a great insulator on lawns, so much so that it can actually hinder plant growth if there are enough leaves in a concentrated area. Removal of leaves from flower beds, pine straw islands, and your lawn is essential to letting the grass breathe easier. This also provides you the area to replace the old mulch and pine straw for a fresh layer.
  3. Fertilize
    It is safe to assume that fertilizer is essential to any plant any time of the year, as long as it is the right type of fertilizer for the right plants. This is a great time to put a starter fertilizer in the ground for all the grass, plants, flowers, trees, and bushes that you will plant this season. In addition, fertilizers for your more stable bushes, trees, and grass are always helpful to kick start their growth for the warmer months to come.
  4. Get Your Plants Ready
    It might be a bit too early at the moment for you to plant your new foliage, because Georgia may still have one cold snap left for the next month or two. Despite this, organizing what you want will be better for you in the long run. Understanding the climate, the pests that are native to your area, and the conditions of your property are all essential to what you can and cannot plant. Taking into consideration what you have and what you want will allow for the best results when it’s time to actually plant and fertilize.

Now is the time to dust off your gardening equipment and begin prep work for the springtime! If you wait too much longer, you might be starting when everyone else is finished creating a lush and colorful landscape. If you find that you need professional landscaping help, it’s important to find a local company that is more than qualified to treat your lawn and build the specific look you want. Lawn care companies can not only make your vision come to life, but also help you to routinely maintain your landscape and protect it from seasonal threats. Springtime is coming fast in Georgia; are you ready it for it?