Pre-Post Emergence Weed Control for Flower Beds

Weed Control for Flower BedsUnlimited Landscaping knows you want to keep your flower beds neat and attractive. Weeds are unsightly, and they compete for sunlight and nutrients with other plants.

In many cases, hand-pulling weeds is not enough. Many different kinds of weeds break off when pulled, leaving roots that can grow right back into full-fledged plants. Other weeds are extremely hard to remove thanks to strong, tangled root systems below the ground.

When hand-pulling doesn’t work, it’s time to call in the experts.

Luckily, Unlimited Landscaping offers pre-post emergence programs for your flower beds. This consists of two applications in the fall and winter months. Our professionally trained staff will treat your beds with a high-quality granular product that WILL NOT harm your trees and shrubs.

The product keeps new weeds from popping up, returning your flower beds back to their beautiful, intended condition.


*Please keep in mind that grass is not a weed, and this product will not control grass that may creep into the beds.