Making Your Lawns Drought Resistant

Make Your Lawn Resistant to Droughts

Georgia is no stranger to droughts, and droughts can completely destroy a beautiful landscape. In the past years we have had some severe droughts that have left homeowners with a decision to make: water their lawns just enough to keep them alive, or make some changes in their lawns to make them more resistant to dry periods. With temperatures quickly rising in Georgia, it is time to prepare your lawn.

There have been predictions that our weather could be changing to include more hot and dry spells. Even if there isn’t a drought this year, these long-term changes will help keep your water bill down. It’s not only good for your wallet, but for the environment as well.

Below are three ways to make your lawn more resistant to droughts:

1. Choose plants that will thrive with less water.

Making a plant selection that is made entirely on aesthetics may be great for the short term, but if there is a dry spell those plants could turn ugly! Picking plants that do not need a ton of water will keep your yard looking great even when the weather is less than ideal. Ask your local garden store experts about which plant is most conducive to your lawn.

2. Mulch, and lots of it!

Covering the soil that surrounds your plants with a thick layer of mulch (or even compost!) will help the soil to retain water, stop growth of weeds that use a lot of water, and keep soil cool to make your plants comfortable when temperatures get high.

3. Get a good water irrigation system.

Even with all these changes in your lawn, watering is still a necessity. Drip irrigation systems can apply water directly to the roots, ensuring nothing goes to waste. If you decide to do you lawn watering by hand, do it in the morning when temperatures are still relatively cool. Apply the water to the soil instead of directly on the plants. Installing a rain barrel puts the water runoff from your house to a beneficial use, and you can use that water even when restrictions are put into effect!

Most drought resistant lawn changes not only save you time and money, but it improves the environment. It is great for your family, budget, and community.