Lawn/Shrub Growth Regulator

Lawn & Shrub Growth RegulatorDoes your lawn seem to require constant mowing and trimming?
Do you have a busy lifestyle and could use help wherever you can get it?

Growth regulators are substances designed to be applied to your yard in order to slow the development of your turf, reducing the amount of times you’ll have to mow your lawn in a year. Unlimited Landscaping’s growth regulating treatment doesn’t harm your grass; regulators merely act as signals that tell plants whether they should grow faster or slower.

If you want to cut the amount of maintenance you perform on your lawn down to a fraction of what it is now, Unlimited Landscaping’s growth treatment is the answer to your problem!

Our highly-trained staff will treat your entire lawn with a liquid product and carefully monitor the property for potential problems. These applications are applied May through August.

Unlimited Landscaping provides continuous services for our programs in order to make your landscape an inviting outdoor living area. There are no contracts to sign to begin this service. However, we will continue the service year to year. If a problem comes up between visits or you are not happy with the service, just give us a call and we’ll make it right!