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So your lawn has survived the summer months; now it’s time to look to the coming season of fall. What tactics should you employ, or what should you do different to ensure you have a great lawn? Leaves will start to enter the picture and may push you to just give in and let your lawn go. Don’t! There are many benefits to take advantage of, not only from a care perspective, but for giving your lawn a general revamp. Unlimited Landscaping has the insight and professional experience to steer you in the right direction.

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Don’t let your grass dry out too much and hurt its overall health. Proper water practices should be implemented to ensureTurf Care, Marietta, Landscaping, Lawn its survival. Depending on where you live, this may be a little easier if your climate is prone to wetter fall months. Watering earlier in the day tends to be an optimal time to do so.

Fertilizing is instrumental in helping your root structure remain robust. Lawn care Marietta GA advocates suggest putting the time and effort into proper fertilizing so your yard remains strong year round. Nitrogen based fertilizers that slowly release remains a popular choice amongst homeowners. The phosphorus contained in fertilizer promotes root growth and potassium also plays a part of cell activity.

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You’ll also find that fall is the optimal time for seeding. The root system will particularly benefit from planting seed this time of year. Typically by the end of the summer, your lawn has felt the full effects and ravages of hot summer months. Perhaps your root structure over the course of time has seen significant damage. It may be better to aerate your yard before putting down new seed.  Cobb County lawn care recipients have seen the advantages of turning soil and putting holes into the ground in preparation for new grass. When the soil is shifted, stopping soil compaction, air and water are able to move more freely. This gives your yard a better resistance to possible disease and helps its overall well-being. Once your lawn has been aerated and seed-planted, additional watering is needed. Allow time for the grass to begin filling in your yard. If you’re worried about potential heavy rains washing away seed, loose straw can be used to stop such event from occurring.

Keeping these things in mind will help your lawn year round and into the spring. Your grass should grow in nicely giving the appearance of a full and healthy lawn. Working with experienced Unlimited Landscaping professionals will prove to be a beneficial choice. After all, we provide the quality lawn care Marietta has come to love! Contact us today for all of your landscaping needs!

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