Landscaping to Do Now and Later

The warmer months are approaching and getting your lawn ready for the spring and summer is more important than ever. This means there is a list of things you need to work on for your lawn to grow green, for the flowers bloom colorfully, and for the bushes and trees to be sturdy in any weather. Springtime is the time of year to show off, but with so much to do it’s hard to know when exactly to start. That is why this article will explain what you need to do and when you need to do it as spring is arriving in Georgia.

  1. Landscaping Projects to Do Now
    A. Picking up the yard debris from the winter is a crucial first step to making a lawn look great. Picking up leaves and fallen branches on the yard can enable the grass stretch out from under it and begin to soak in the sun’s rays.
    B. Pull any weeds that have taken over your yard during the colder months when your grass was dormant. If you leave them alone, imagine what weeds can do with warm temperatures, direct sunlight, lots of water, and fertile soil. It is not a pretty picture.
    C. Apply a pre-emergent for weed and fungus control on the lawn. This time of year is when most plants are growing, which includes weeds and fungi. Stopping them before they can emerge is the best way to limit your weed pulling from now on.
    D. Cut back any brown or dead plants and any late blooming bushes and trees, like crape myrtles and rose bushes. These plants need to be trimmed so the flowers can bloom.
    E. Lastly, fertilizing your lawn, flowers, bushes, and trees is important for healthy growth and guaranteeing the bright colors you want for the upcoming spring. In addition, tilling up the soil is a good option so the fertilizer has an easier time mixing with the soil.
  2. Landscaping Projects to Do Soon
    Edge the beds and lawn around the property. Once you have the first list done you can begin separating the grass from the flower beds and any plant that is lining an area. This will provide a clean look with defined features.
    B. Lay pine straw or mulch to the beds. This further helps define locations and creates better drainage for your plants buried in the mulch.
    C. Prune back any new bushes or plants that are taking over more of an area than you wish. Shaping the garden earlier rather than later will make it easier to control.
    D. Keep your lawn and garden constantly damp by watering everything in the early morning.
  3. Landscaping Projects to Do Later
    Dig out new beds for the property. This can mean a bit of work, but if you can do it before the next season begins it will be easier to do because the plants are dormant, and the outcome will look great.
    B. Transplant trees, bushes, and other plants as you see fit. Giving enough time for plants to catch root in the ground is important. The stronger the root the better it will grow and remain healthy, thus moving the plants during the offseason is better because it has longer before it blooms again.
    C. This is an excellent time to build structures that do not need to be planted or grown, like a stone wall or path around the property, or lining the property or garden with bricks. When you don’t have to worry about the health of your plants, you can work on other projects that will benefit the esthetic of your lawn and garden.
    D. Sharpen your mower blades and any tools that need to cut. You will want these tools ready to go in the beginning of the growing season, and that is why these projects should be completed during the off season.
    E. Improve the soil in the existing beds. This is a great time to till the soil when the plants and grass are dormant. Adding nutrients and mixing the soil is great for the next season when you plant new grass, flowers, trees and bushes.

Landscaping and gardening are all about timing. You need to work on certain projects at certain times of the year or your lawn and plants may not do well. Now that you have a general idea of when to complete your projects, scheduling them out will not be a problem and your lawn will benefit because of it. Then again, if you don’t have the time or you just want someone to take care of this for you, a professional landscaper knows when a job needs to be done and they will do it right the first time. Having a professional on hand is a great way to ensure that your lawn looks terrific, but if you want to do it yourself,  just make sure that time is on your side.