Moisture Management

Landscape Moisture Manager AtlantaMoisture and Your Lawn

Your lawn thrives on water. But there are many factors that dry it out, and the most common is hot weather with little humidity. Although you can’t control the weather, there is something you can do to help keep your lawn beautiful and lush.

Unlimited Landscaping now offers two rounds of our Moisture Manager Program! With the use of Hydretain, a superior moisture-managing technology, you can cut your outdoor watering in half and help eliminate drought stress and hard-to-control dry spots on your lawn.

How Hydretain Works:

To put it simply, Hydretain helps your soil retain water. It slows the depletion of moisture by creating a strong bond with the soil and water particles. This means that evaporation is decreased, and more water can get to your grass roots. Hydretain is a thoroughly researched and proven technology that Unlimited Landscaping utilizes in the form of a liquid compound that can help your lawn store and maintain its moisture— making a dramatic difference that you’ll be sure to notice!

Double or Even Triple the Days Between Required Watering and Enjoy the Benefits of Proper Moisture Management!

  • Minimize Drought Stress
  • Control or Eliminate Dry Spots
  • Enhance Nutrient Efficiency
  • Optimize Pesticide Efficiency
  • Improve Seed Germination
  • Increase Transplant Survival
  • Reduce Watering Expenses
  • Maximize Crop Yields

You can help make your landscape more drought resistant. Call Unlimited Landscaping today and experience this revolutionary technique for keeping your turf strong, healthy and beautiful with superior water retention!