Residential Landscape Maintenance

How our service works:Residential Landscape Maintenance
Unlimited Landscaping’s Residential Landscape Maintenance program consists of 44 service visits. These visits are properly timed throughout a 12 month time period.

Properly maintaining your property is fundamental for protecting your investment. With our highly trained staff, Unlimited Landscaping provides what we believe is the highest quality of lawn maintenance based on your property’s specific needs year around. Pruning of shrubs, mowing and blowing parking areas of all debris are all part of what Unlimited Landscaping can offer for your landscape. Thus, making an inviting, long-lasting impression on your guests is our goal. With our design and proper maintenance your family will receive the maximum benefit.

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  • 44 Weekly Mowing, Edging & Trimming Visits.
  • 9 Visits Shaping of Shrubs & Trees.
  • Spring & Fall Cleanup
  • Weed Control to Flower Beds
  • Professionally Trained & Skilled Workers, Performing Services that Make Your Landscape Eye-Catching!