Mowing Safely

Mowing the Lawn Safely

Each year there are more than one hundred thousand injuries due to lawn mowing. Needless to say, it can be very dangerous! There are ways to keep you and your family safe while mowing, just take a few extra precautions. Below are some tips to prevent any lawn care accidents.

  • Always wear protective gear, most importantly on the feet. Most injuries with lawn mowers occur to the feet while they are not protected.
  • Do not mow up hills. The mower could roll backwards and injure you. Make sure to always mow across hills to avoid any danger.
  • It is wise to have the blade sharpened by professionals. However if you choose to sharpen the blade yourself it is important to wear protective gloves and use short strokes while filing the blades.
  • Never refuel a running mower! Gas is flammable and should not be heated by being added to a running engine.
  • Never leave a mower running when it’s not in use. This is especially important with a self propelled lawn mower.
  • Ensure that electric mowers have no frayed cords. Frayed cords could cause shock, or severe burns. Be mindful of the cords while mowing, running over the cord will obviously cause some issues.
  • Be sure to store fuel in recommended and approved containers to prevent fire hazards.
  • Inspect the lawn mower before each use for safety, vibration and loose bolts. It is important to check the hardware of the mower, as well as any and all wires attached.
  • Use a mower with a locking mechanism in case the mower gets away from the operator. A locking mechanism can be the difference in the causing of an injury.
  • Remove all objects and debris from grass to ensure that flying debris doesn’t get flown up to hit the operator.
  • Always turn off the mower and wait for the blades to stop moving before travelling over any surface other than grass.
  • Never allow children to operate a lawn mower.
  • Do not allow children to be passengers on ride-on lawn mowers. The child could easily fall and be run over by the mower.
  • Clear the mowing area of pets and children before attempting to mow the lawn.
  • Be sure that the operator is capable to handle the speeds of a self propelled mower. An operator who is not capable of maintaining the distance is putting themselves at grave risk of injury.
  • Mowers should be refuelled and started outdoors. Gas is a very flammable substance and should be stored in proper containers and fuel never added to a recently running lawnmower. Always ensure that gas is added to a cool lawnmower – to avoid the risk of fire.
  • Turn your mower off before sharpening the blades. The spark plug should also be removed, and the power shut off. You need to make sure there is absolutely no way the mower could accidently start.
  • Never mow in reverse, there is a chance that the mower could back onto you.
  • Never ride a ride-on mower up a slope. This could result in you falling off the mower and causing serious injuries.
  • Always read the operating manual before performing any landscaping activities.
  • A mower should never be left running and unsupervised. It could mow over cement, or other objects which causes flying debris.

There is no reason to be wary of mowing your lawn, just be mindful. Mowing accidents can be easily avoided, especially when following these steps. When following these guidelines, you should have a safe and successful mowing experience!