How to Plant a Tree

Planting trees in your yard can provide a lot of benefits, like shade from the summer heat, a noise pollution dampener, and added value to your property. You only need a shovel, tape measure, a tarp, and a drip irrigation bag, and it is a simple task requiring only the strength needed to dig a hole. Whether you want to plant a new tree or transplant a tree to a better area on your property, it is an easy task and that anyone, young and old alike, can do.

  1. Pick a Spot for the Tree
    Trees, like any other plant, need certain conditions for them to thrive like fertile soil, lots of sunlight, and water. This means that finding a great spot in your yard is important for the investment you are putting into your trees. Make sure the area has at least 8-10 hours of direct sunlight and the soil is fertile enough for a tree to grow. Once you have found this location, measure and mark a circular area for the tree. The size of the tree will determine how large your area is marked off. A helpful tip would be to measure the size of the root ball and give some extra room around for your hole.
  2. Measure Some More and Dig
    Once you have your location and a diameter marked off for where the roots will go, measuring how tall the root ball is important as well. This will provide you with an answer to how deep the hole must be. Remember you want to bury the roots under the ground completely, allowing a couple extra inches from the top of the roots so they don’t grow out from under the ground. Now that you have your required depth, use the shovel to begin digging in the marked off area. Make sure that you dig out an even area that is level for your roots so they can open up under the dirt. Another helpful tip would be to pile the dirt on a tarp so it is not lying on the grass. This way it is easier to dig back into the hole without ruining the grass next to it.
  3. Measure the Hole and Plant the Tree
    Now that the hole is dug out, measuring it is important to know you are at the right depth and diameter for the tree to be planted. You will want to dig two inches deeper than the root ball is tall, and wide enough for the roots to spread out. Once your hole is at the right size then place the tree in the center of your hole.
  4. Placing Your Tree
    Once you have rolled your tree into the hole, first look for the side with the thickest branches and fullest foliage. You will want to turn this part of the tree toward the direction most people will see. This usually means directing that side towards the street. Once you have positioned your tree remove the burlap or chicken wire surrounding the root ball. This will allow the roots to fall free from being tied up, and you may need to stretch them out if they remain clumped together. Next, begin filling the bottom of the hole with fresh fertilizer or a fertile soil to feed the roots of the tree. Then fill the rest of the hole with the dirt you dug out. Make sure to keep the dirt loose for the time being. Over time the dirt will compact down, but keeping it loose will help the roots grow under the ground.
  5. Irrigation
    As with planting anything, regular watering is important for growth. That is why installing a drip irrigation bag around your tree is important to give it the water it requires. Begin by laying 3 inches of mulch around your new tree, and attach two drip irrigation bags onto the tree. You should refill them every day or as needed. About 8 weeks of water from the drip irrigation bags will allow plenty of time for the tree’s roots to become established and allow for the tree to become the newest addition at your home.

Planting a tree is only as hard as you want to make it, with simple steps and Mother Nature doing most of the work. At the end of the day you will be left with a beautiful tree or trees that will grow into accents for your lawn. In addition, a professional has the knowledge of what trees grow the best in your area, and can match the styles it can bring about to your personality. They can even perform routine services to help your tree grow strong and healthy. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, planting new trees in your yard is smart, beautiful, and sensible!