How To Manage The Size of Your Garden

Maximize Your Garden

Say you move and your outdoor space is smaller than what you’re accustomed to. Don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to make the most out of what you have to work with, big or small. Here are some tips to make your small garden look magnificent!

Create a focal point.

There needs to be a central place in your garden that the eye is naturally drawn to. This area is usually where the angles of your space intersect. A fountain, bird bath, sculpture, tree, or anything else works great. It will command attention of your garden, but at the same time it won’t seem overwhelming.

Cover up the undesirable.

Often times, there are parts of our outdoor space we wish would disappear! A giant air conditioning unit could be the culprit, a switch box, spigot, or an outlet. Hiding it is a perfect solution! A small brick wall can be built around the air conditioning unit, azalea can cover the switch box, boxwood makes outlets disappear, and some ferns will grow over a spigot. It’s a great way to make your garden look natural with the limited space that you have!

Utilize all containers.

Instead of having plants growing at the same height in a bed, add some variation with container gardening. To add some extra flow to the outdoor space, place the containers near the focal points or by the beds. It really adds variety and makes your garden extra special!

Explore different plant options.

Oftentimes people have a tendency to fill their small plant space with similar type plants. This is a mistake, in fact adding variety in height but staying the same in color scheme will do volumes for your small garden. A solid block of color tends to shrink an area, and adding this variety of texture and height will break that up.

Climbing up the walls.

Having a small garden means that no space is wasted! Utilize the walls around your garden by using hanging baskets, creeping vines (like ivy or fig) or even artwork. The walls provide a blank slate when expanding your garden.

Just because the space is limited doesn’t mean your ideas should be. In fact, it’s a creative challenge that can yield fantastic results. A small garden can be a huge success!