Growing Vegetables in Your Back Yard

Spring and Fall Vegetables in Atlanta

Planting a small garden in your yard is a great activity that can bring the family together. It’s also nice to have some fresh vegetables to add to dinner. If you have little experience or if you’re just exposing your children to growing their own food, these easy crops will get the job done! Bypass the grocery store and know exactly what is being put on your family’s food by starting your own garden. Get your garden started with these quickly growing Spring and Fall vegetables.

  • Radishes: Since these vegetables grow very easily and quickly, it is a great start to any garden. You can sow these from seed at the beginning of the month, and at the end of the month you will have ready harvest radishes! When sowing these seeds, plant some about a half-inch deep and the rest deeper. Planting in the Spring is popular because insects have not into the full swing of things.
  • Turnips: This old fashioned vegetable has become more popular over the years because of speed in which is grows. Turnips are usually sown in the Spring or Fall, but most prefer Fall since it gives the turnips a less bitter flavor.
  • Scallions: These by far are the quickest crops to grow,  within a few days of planting you will get a fistful of “bunching onions.” It is truly instant gratification, and can be a great introduction to the satisfaction of growing your own food! Scallions are a little difficult from seed, and transplants must be started early indoors. However, many seed companies offer bundles of pre-started scallions, and they will ship them to you to reduce the harvest time.
  • Greens: There are so many different kinds of salad greens to describe it is almost impossible. Have a different type of salad every day with arugula and spinach leaves.

For the best flavor and freshness, do successive sowing. Simply pull out plants that have passed their prime, you can even compost them so there is no waste. Sow fresh seed, and soon enough another row of vegetables will be ready!