Drip Irrigation Benefits

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

We’ve all seen that lone sprinkler that is just wastefully spraying into the street. Most irrigation systems are in fact wasteful and don’t even hit the intended watering target! The occasional drop of water may make it’s way down to your plants’ root system, but for the most part it is all for naught. Traditional irrigation services are usually wasteful, and cause the consumer to spend more money and be ecologically unfriendly. An alternative to this wasteful endeavour is installing a drip irrigation system. You can customize this system to give each plant just correct amount of water it needs directly on it’s root system. Root rot that is caused by overwatering can be prevented, because this drip irrigation delivers the water at a slow and steady pace.

How it all works:

A drip irrigation system is a permanent structure. PVC pipes or polyethylene tubing are run through length of the garden bed and put into place beside each plant that needs watering. At the base of each plant an emitter is put into the pipe or hose. The emitter controls how much moisture is dripped on the plant roots by changing up the time between drips and the drip size. This system can be controlled either manually or with a timer.

This process ensures maximum about of water bill savings, a minimal impact on the environment, and better plant growth. In addition to all this, there are more benefits of drip irrigation worth mentioning:

  • The drip system can also deliver fertilizer to the plants’ roots while it waters them.
  • Plants can be watered simultaneously by use of low flow rates.
  • Weeds don’t get to suck up all the water and flourish because they are not getting watered.
  • These low drip rates prevent runoff and water evaporation.
  • Plants grow at a faster rate because of the constant moisture.
  • The constant moisture lessens stress on plants caused by a multitude of conditions.
  • The physical labor of lugging around hoses and sprinklers will be a things of the past!

Overall, drip irrigation systems are just a  convenient and economical way to water your yard or garden. If you have a large yard or garden, the process of installing a drip irrigation system can be daunting. Take comfort in the fact that the bigger the job, the bigger the savings will be in the long run. The experts at Unlimited Landscaping can come by for a consultation to see if a drip irrigation system is right for your home.