Landscaping Commercial and HOA Properties

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Whether it’s tidying up your outdoor space by pruning the shrubs, mowing and edging, blowing parking areas and entrances of all debris, or chemically treating your property with our environmentally-friendly liquid and dry products,  Unlimited Landscaping can make your outdoor spaces look attractive and clean.

Unlimited Landscaping is one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of commercial landscaping maintenance in the metro Atlanta market, and our work reflects that! Enhancing properties and providing superior maintenance since 1993, Unlimited Landscaping is, without question, a strong and respected leader in the turf management and landscaping design industry. We offer nothing but the best for our customers, and your property will always be treated with the utmost care and consideration. Because we know that your property is your pride, Unlimited presents a complete line of landscape design/installation/maintenance services to commercial properties, including Home Owner Associations, office parks, townhomes, condominiums, and more.

Commercial Turf and Chemical Maintenance
Properly maintaining your commercial property is fundamental for protecting your investment. With a highly trained staff, Unlimited Landscaping provides the highest quality of lawn and chemical maintenance based on your landscape’s specific needs.  Your commercial property is the first impression your customers will have of your business. Together we can make an inviting, long-lasting impression.

Our Services Include:

  • Mowing turf areas as needed (weekly in spring and summer)
  • Blowing all entrances and parking areas (each visit)
  • Weeding of the garden areas (as needed)
  • Trimming of shrubs and trees (as needed)
  • Edging of all beds and around turf areas to create clean lines
  • Chemical applications: applied as necessary to provide proper nutrients and weed control

Just as you have a vision for your business, we know you have an equally high standard for your commercial property. You should never settle for less, and with Unlimited Landscaping’s expert turf management team, you’ll never have to.