Atlanta Retaining Walls

Building Retaining Walls in Atlanta

Given that much of North Atlanta falls in the middle of the Appalachian mountain foothills, it goes without saying the topography is unique. Fairly steep hills and inclines can be found in much of the Metro Atlanta area, making Atlanta a prime candidate for using retaining walls in landscaping and other building projects.

Though projects can often overlap, most retaining wall projects in Atlanta fall into three categories: landscaping, erosion control, or home building.

Building a retaining wall for landscaping.

Often times in landscaping, retaining walls are used to mold steep slopes both level and accessible areas. Having a level landscape offers you more options when it comes to plants, patios, pools, gardens, walkways, and any other landscaping possibility you may have in mind. Transforming a yard into your ideal outdoor space is not impossible if you have a steep incline to work with, but it definitely makes things a lot easier when it’s level.

Building a retaining wall as a means to control erosion.

It might be argued that erosion control falls into the same category of landscaping. This is when the lines start to blur, nevertheless this makes the second reason why retaining walls are so popular in Atlanta. The Atlanta area has high annual rates of precipitation, often pushing 51 inches per year. This large amount of runoff can be the culprit of detrimental erosion problems, especially in areas where the land has recently been disturbed. This can mean a newly built home, construction projects, or even landscaping.

Home building with retaining walls.

The last reason that retaining walls are commonplace in Atlanta is that they are necessary if you wish to build a home or an addition to your home on a lot that is sloped. Atlanta is one of, if not the fastest growing areas in the world. Retaining walls are not uncommon, and definitely can be incorporated into your landscaping project. Sometimes they may even end up buried, but it is overall cheaper and easier to build a structure on level ground.

Retaining walls are a necessary part of Atlanta, as we live in a unique topographic area. They can be utilized a myriad of ways, and embraced as a part of lifestyle in the ATL. Unlimited Landscaping can aid with all your retaining wall needs, and suggest the best plan of action with whatever project you have coming up.